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About us

WOW Innovation is a full service headwear development and supply company. We have years of experience in headwear production based on our own brands, but particularly also from years of experience of working with Danish and international fashion, event and sports customers.

We believe that your success is our success

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering only the best quality and service. We consider ourselves a full-service partner, and works as an extended part of your own office. Our aim is always to find the right solution for each customer, and deliver the best products possible to the right price. We believe that this s the only way to do sustainable business and maintain our long lasting relationships with both customers and suppliers

Working from our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, we also have an office in Dongguan, China handling and managing all daily matters on site. Our China office is crucial to our business as they ensure that we are always upfront on new market situations, technological developments, fabrics and trims. Furthermore quality control are done by our team in China to make sure all parts of the supplychain are handled by our team.

We provide full service headwear production, handling and manufacturing your entire collection at our own headwear factory in Vietnam or in close co-operation with partners in China, Pakistan, Poland & Italy. We offer as low as 144 pcs. pr color, all customized to your needs.

We have factories worldwide

We work from the headquarter in Copenhagen, with support from our office in China.

All done to ensure the best possible procedures, development and suppliers in order to be upfront on new market situations and technological developments.

Do you want to be inspired by what we do?

Do you want to see examples of our work? We are proud of our expertise and quality, which is the basis for the collaboration between us and the customer - and this can be seen in the products we create. See what solutions we have created over the years via the link below.

Headwear & accessories

We develop, design and produce private label headwear and accessories.

How can we help?

Are you looking for someone who can bring your ideas to life? Please reach out on the below and let us get in touch.

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